dimarts, 24 de maig de 2016


Last weekend we got La Doggy Alleycat, organized by The Bastard Krew.

It was a "traditional" alleycat, just 6 checkpoints and no order. 

The race began, and the checkpoints were:
- Piscines Picornell (Montjuic)
- Peu funicular (FGC)
- Im bikes shop
- Skatepark Marbella
- Ciutadella
- Rivera Bike Rental
- Macba (finish)

We just got lot of fun racing on it! Next one faster and better!

After the Alleycat, we got two Trackstand contest! First one was as usual,  began a trackstand using hands, then one hand, then no hands, and with one foot. 
The second trackstand contest was a "beer trackstand", the winner was the one who drink faster a beer doing trackstand with no hands.

Trackstand winners:
Trackstand Contest: Guillem Serna (me)
Beer Trackstand Contest: Ignacio Contreras