dimecres, 11 de maig de 2016

I Slalom Albalate del Arzobispo 2016

Last weekend we been at the I Slalom at Albalate Del Arzobispo, the second race of the season.

It was raining early in the morning and the track was wet. We were on a industrial Estate, and also we got the damn cones:
Green cone: leave it on the left.
Orange Cone: leave it on the right.
Blue Cone: 540 turn.

The warm up rounds began with the wet track, everyone was driving carefully because almost all of us use slick tires.

After the warm up rounds the track was partial dry, and we were ready for the qualyfing rounds!

The track was almost dry and everyone was being faster and faster on the track!

The lap times we're burning and finally I got the 5th place on the rookies class!

Castells Racing Team is ready for next race!