dimecres, 26 de febrer de 2014

Mataro pista Trainings

Last monday I went to train at Mataro Velodrome with the Esport Ciclista Mataro. It was my first time riding it,so I had to get used to the new turns, rolling on asphalt and the velodrome is smaller (200m).

This is the hypnotic turn, these damn stripes make you believe that you are in another dimension.

They have worked very well for school children in which there are many new talents, including smaller bikes for kids of all ages can enjoy an experience or an extracurricular sport.

So, it was a good first contact at this velodrome and now I'm ready for the next Keirin race, here on Mataro!

Thanks to my friend Nando and all the staff of the Esport Cilcista Mataro! 

Hot Chili Grill Benasque Jam Session

If you are riding at Cerler, take a look every Wednesday on the Hot Chili Grill on Benasque. They prepare a jam session, so everyone is encouraged to dance and play!

if you can not play any instrument, you can stop by there to eat some nachos or quesadillas that are very good and enjoy the live music!

diumenge, 23 de febrer de 2014

Cerler, good friends, good ride!

Every day on Cerler is an amazing day! The powder backcountry lines are amazing, and then you can't stop doing rounds on the park.

The trainings are always better and with better results! I can't stop riding & havin' fun! 

dimarts, 18 de febrer de 2014

Double ledge

Some days, we just take the streets to ride it!

First we build the passageway to take speed and the entrance to the ledge.

And try it!

Here is Luis Ucles riding the ledge & me trying to throw some fire sparks!

Finally we decide to go to the playground to play!

These are the best nights!

dilluns, 17 de febrer de 2014

Cerler freestyle open

The Cerler Freestyle Open begans with fog and wind, but we were so motived.

The Cerler Snowpark was very good, with 5 lines, made by HO5Cinco:
Green line: 2 big boxes & 2 green jumps
Jump line: 11m or 7m jump & wallride
Blue rail line: double rail & small tube
Green rail line: down box, straight box & straight box with gap
Red rail line: down street rail, double rail polejump & big tube 

After the warm up, the competition begans. We all had to do 3 rounds on rails and 3 rounds on jumps. I decide to began on rails but I make a sketchy round. Then I wanted to ensure one jump so I do a right Method, and the hard wind flips me on the air...

At the last two rounds I land so good tricks at the jumps, waiting on every round until the wind stops. Finally I take my 2 rounds on the rails ending the last one so confortable.

Finally I take so good times, I meet new good people and i progess a lot! 
My friend Javi Lliso wins on freeskiers making so good tricks, Iker Santamaria takes the second place on snowboard & Chio Ruiz wins at Snowboard Girls!

Thanks to Hidden Valley & Cerler to organize this awesome event! Have fun & keep riding!