diumenge, 10 de juliol de 2016

MBP Dibujo sobre ruedas 2.0

Dibujo sobre ruedas is a new kind of alleycat from My Beautiful Parking. Every rider has to draw using the gps.

I got the 2nd place drawing this dog using all Barcelona.

1st Place: Daniel Marquez - Apinyó

2nd Place: Guillem Serna

Axel & Aleix


dilluns, 6 de juny de 2016

Slalom Mixto Aragón 16

Last weekend we been racing on Motorland, at the Mixt Slalom! The track was half tarmar, half dirt.

All was ready to go! The track was super tight for our car, but we give it all! The worst part for our car was a super small 360º donut .

It was an awesome race and track and we got lot of fun racing on dirt!