dijous, 27 novembre de 2014

Mud Skids

Yesterday was raining super hard. When I decided to go for a ride, the sun was rising up! I just found and I could not resist doing skids on it!

dimecres, 19 novembre de 2014

Cyclocross Vic

Last sunday was the Cyclocross Vic race! When I arrived I saw the awesome autumn environment, the perfect day for a race!

The day was so cold, and the track was muddy for the last rains. On the warm-up laps, my tires have no grip on the mud, and I do burnouts (my wheels spin without moving the bike) on every acceleration. 

When my race began,  the track was drier and my tires get more grip. This track was so hard, it was on inclined terrain, and my gear was heavy to go up and so soft to go down. On this race we had 1 barrier zone, 1 impossible hill to go up & 1 technical hill.

The race ends so good, no mechanical problems and havin' so much fun! 

dissabte, 15 novembre de 2014

Searching for Waterslides with Esteve Segura

I love to ride on the rain, but this time Esteve Segura been shooting me the day after the rain to splash it all arround on every skid!

Photos: Esteve Segura

dimecres, 12 novembre de 2014

ABB Robots Projects

Yesterday we were working on this awesome toys from ABB. We just program some tasks to do on the simulator, and when all was correct, we tried it on the real robot.