divendres, 1 agost de 2014

Pipe sessions

Half pipe is the most technical snowboard discipline. 

It starts with the Drop In. You should go on extension, to make a dynamic flexion (to lose weight) and enter the pipe. Then we do charge with a progressive extension. 

(Tips by my coach: Pablo Infantes)

Then on it we make double charge with the progressive extension to get more speed!

Tribute to Marco Pantani

Statue in tribute to Marco Pantani, who won the Tour de France stage Grenoble-2Alpes the July 27, 1998.

dimarts, 29 juliol de 2014

Sunset shooting at 2alpes

After an storming day, the sun rise up for the sunset! Me and my friend Mario Velasco just went running to take this awesome photos!  

2 Alpes is awesome!

dimarts, 22 juliol de 2014

Fog & powder

This days we are havin' so bad weather on 2alpes. But it snows a lot and we can catch some powder lines. 

And also is time to train, to practice some tricks and do whatever we can! Every day can be a perfect day!