diumenge, 28 de desembre de 2014

Cyclocross Reus: 3rd position

Today was the Cyclocross race on Reus. It was so windy and cold, but it was super sunny! I try the track and it was amazing, perfect for my transformed PoloAndBike Single Speed Cyclocross. It was a dirt track with sand and gravel and some dry mud. 

The circuit was the shortest from the Catalonian Championship, 1,5km. After the first lap, the judges decide that we should do 14 laps. The terrain was all dirt. The obstacles this time were: 2 hills in one, a big one follow by a turn and a little one; a super cool double drop downhill; a dry mud zone; and 2 stairs zones.  

This race was super fast because the altitude increase was zero. This was my perfect terrain and perfect race! 

The race ends on a sprint at the asphalt zone. 
But the real surprise was that the I got the 3rd place on my category!

This could not have better ending, the sun with cold, a super cool track, cycling with good friends, riding my PoloAndBike SingleSpeedCX conversion and gettin' the 3rd place! Thanks to all! And super glad to race on this Championship!

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dimecres, 24 de desembre de 2014

Cyclocross Manlleu: Campionat de Catalunya

Last Sundays was the CX race on Manlleu, the most important race on the Catalonian Championship. If you win on this race you're the Catalonian Champion! So this time the race was on the highly level. José Antonio Hermida was on my start line, feeling honored and scared at the same time, it means the race was going to be super hard!

The race begans on a crazy and super fast start. The way to the mud was a super large road on asphalt, and you can move some positions before arriving on the bottleneck.

The day was foggy, wet and cold, but when we began racing the sun rises up and made the mud to dry. As you know, I use a PoloAndBike first model fixed bike converted to Single Speed Cyclocross, using clip brakes and semi slick tires (because dirt tires does not fit). So it's better for me a dry track to not get stucked. 

The track was supercool, it has the super large Asphalt section on the Start/Finish line; then we enter to the grass&mud; sometimes we ride on a walking path made of gravel; on the middle section there was a river with a bridge and the muddy section, with a 300m of wet wet mud, on the final of this section we got 2 barriers and a river gap, all ultra muddy; 

the next section was a dry mud inclined plane that we climb like 3 times; finally the climb section, 3 hills of wet sand and rocks, the first super difficult (Hermida was climbing on his bike), the second was not so hard, but with a difficult closed curve. The third was the most difficult one, with 2 barriers before it. I saw a video of Gerard Alvarez jumping the barriers and climbing it on his bike, amazing!

I cross the finish line, super glad to finish this important and hard race on my PoloAndBike SSCX bike. Only 2 races to end CX season! Stay tuned!

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