diumenge, 7 de desembre de 2014

Last lap on the Velodrome

Last day at the Velodrome until they change the wood.

Yesterday was our last day at the Horta Velodrome for a while. The wood is on really bad conditions, and they are gonna change 3m (9 feet 10764 inches) width. We just made the last training for 3 months on it, and our coaches (Jaume Mas and Vicente Catalan) told us it was free train, only for fun and enjoy the ride!

This is the current state of the wood. Lot of broken parts are covered by adhesive tape. Others parts only creak when you pass, sinking into the wood. This wood was never changed since the Olympic Games on Barcelona 92. The handyman of the velodrome fixed some spread parts doing a good job. 

I can remember on the 2013 Catalonian championship (LINK), on the second race, the judges stop the race because some wood of the camber (curve) was broken. The handyman and some helpers just fix on 30min. It was an amazing job!

As you can see, there are parts where there is neither wood. Don't worry I'm gonna fix it with my lift cart!

Time to go home, I made the last lap with a super sprint, ready to say "good bye" on this awesome wood!

Our good family on the last photo with the old wood! We are all ready to race on the new one!

Photos: Ori Vermell