dissabte, 18 d’abril de 2015

Indoor Karting Barcelona Enduro 80laps

Last friday, I race the 80 laps enduro at the Indoor Karting Barcelona. I never been on that circuit, but I been racing at the championship on terrassa, so I decide to race!

The race began with a 10min qualification, and then we began the race. My target was to be all time racing on my 100%, thinking about what I was doing and never losing the drawn. 

The competitors were very hard. Finally I get the 12 position, but very proud of end the race without losing concentration at any time and been at 100% all time!

dilluns, 13 d’abril de 2015

2nd race Championship karting Terrassa Spring 2015

Second race! This time the qualys for the pole position were doing a single lap, and alone. (last time was 5' and all together). I was scared, because doing a single lap is difficult, because we all got cold tires. I decided to do it carefully, to get the best time and not risking to skid.

Finally I began 6th from 8 racers. (We were 17 people, but the race chief decided to make 2 races). 
The race began, and I get a chance to get the 3rd place on the first turn, so I take it. Canario and Sergio Jr. were on the front battling for the lead and getting far away from me. 

Lap 4: C.Manzano pass me and I take the  4th position.

 Lap 6: "DER FÜRER" and Javito where catching me, and finally "DER FÜRER" trying to pass me kicks me on the side and I flip around, taking the 6th position and a awesome big gap.

Lap 16: I was closing the gap with "DER FÜRER" (me: 6 position, "DER FÜRER": 5 position) and finally I got him. I was preparing the pass all the lap, but "DER FÜRER" closes me and I had to abort the pass.

Lap 19: I got another opportunity to pass, but "DER FÜRER" closes me again, and accidentally I flip him. The race chief decided to penalize me with 3 seconds. 

Lap 21 : "DER FÜRER" passes me again.

Lap 25: END OF THE RACE! I was trying to close the gap again with "DER FÜRER", but it was impossible to reach him.


It was a awesome race! See u the next one! 

37a Cursa El Corte Inglés 2015

diumenge, 12 d’abril de 2015