dijous, 23 de maig de 2013

X games BCN RallyX

I was waiting since I know Xgames Barcelona for RallyX, the cars and the drivers are amazing. For changes at the circuit, the organizaion begans the competiton one hour later, but it was raining. Travis Pastrana makes the first try at the circuit, and there was so mud...

The race supervisors accept to change the tires. The qualyfings began, the first group was so good, with Deegan and Lasek.

 The second round with Ken Block, Tanner Foust and Pastrana was amazing, Block&Foust where head to head. That ones began to jump with the hard rain too... 

 Finally this qualyfing was cancelled. One half-hour ago, it was raining too, there was lot of people working hard on the circuit to take out the water, but finally RallyX was cancelled.

Xgames BCN Enduro & FMX

Another increidible day at Xgames Barcelona, FMX and Enduro was crazy, and with our athlete Laia Sanz wining the Woman Enduro. FMX was finally cancelled for wind, but we can see the show with all the riders!

dimarts, 21 de maig de 2013

Xgames street league

P-Rod Bs lips
P-Rod fs Blunt

At the SLS Nyjah Huston take the gold medal! We see increible tricks at this Amazing park of the x games barcelona! 

dilluns, 20 de maig de 2013

Skate Big air

The Speed& style and Skate Big air were amaizing! Our Speakers Sören Manzoni & Antonio Navas w Bob Burnquist defens he's Skate Big Air title, making so good tricks! Mitchie Brusco takes the Silver and Elliot Solan the Bronze! What the hell, that kids were flying around in that big air, it was amazing!

divendres, 17 de maig de 2013

Tony hawk& friends X games Barcelona

.After all, the most important thing is the safe of the riders. The day was rainy, but the xgames staff said on facebook that they're going to do if the half pipe was dry. At 7'oclock it was like, "OH SHIT, WHAT IS THAT RAIN!". Finally the event was cancelled.