dijous, 9 d’abril de 2015

Andorra Ice Karting

Sometimes drifting is the faster way! 

This Karting is on an ice rink, and every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the used to race Go Karts! This is the most fun track I ever been. I really love to slide, but on the tarmac you lose time; but here, if you are not sliding, you're not faster!

Ice technique is difficult, you must anticipate all curves, long time before reaching them. You can use different techniques like Finland flick mass transfer tunr) or the left foot tunr.

Guillem Serna Best lap: 16.713s
Track record (on similar conditions): 16.5xx s

The track changes all time, if you race on the first series, the best lap is almost 17.xxx and when the track is trodden, the best lap is almost 15 close to 16.