dilluns, 17 de febrer de 2014

Cerler freestyle open

The Cerler Freestyle Open begans with fog and wind, but we were so motived.

The Cerler Snowpark was very good, with 5 lines, made by HO5Cinco:
Green line: 2 big boxes & 2 green jumps
Jump line: 11m or 7m jump & wallride
Blue rail line: double rail & small tube
Green rail line: down box, straight box & straight box with gap
Red rail line: down street rail, double rail polejump & big tube 

After the warm up, the competition begans. We all had to do 3 rounds on rails and 3 rounds on jumps. I decide to began on rails but I make a sketchy round. Then I wanted to ensure one jump so I do a right Method, and the hard wind flips me on the air...

At the last two rounds I land so good tricks at the jumps, waiting on every round until the wind stops. Finally I take my 2 rounds on the rails ending the last one so confortable.

Finally I take so good times, I meet new good people and i progess a lot! 
My friend Javi Lliso wins on freeskiers making so good tricks, Iker Santamaria takes the second place on snowboard & Chio Ruiz wins at Snowboard Girls!

Thanks to Hidden Valley & Cerler to organize this awesome event! Have fun & keep riding!