dissabte, 7 de març de 2015

Kairos Hackathon Barcelona

Last Sunday we were at the Kairos Hacks (#KHacks), a Hackathon form the MLH (Major League Hacking). A hackathon is a contest, and the goal is create something interesting (in informatic ambit) in a limited line of time. This time, we got 24h.

1 hour to start hacking (11:30pm): 
The opening talk began with a presentation of the organizers, and the rules of the contest. Then they explain the API's of the sponsors, we can use it, or improve it to win the sponsor prize. The final prize was a travel to Seoul to participate on another Hackathon. 

The Organizers decide to make an Ice Breaker BINGO, to meet other people, and make teams (some people comes alone to make their team there). 

Hacking starts (12:30pm):
The contest began, and we got no project to do. First we began checking all the API's of the sponsors, and thinking lot of ideas. All projects were impossible, or crazy difficult. 

23 hours remaining (1:30pm):
Lunch time, we still had no idea what to do. But there were mini Burgers, so we went to eat!

21 hours remaining(3:30pm):
We got an idea! We was thinking on a project with the SkyScanner API, (on of the sponsors). That API has 2 cities (origin, destiny) for inputs and a list of flights for output. 
Our idea was to make a HTML web, using that API; The costumer introduces the days that he wants to stay out, and the cities that he want to visit, and our web return the cheaper route with flights around that cities.

18,5 hours remaining (6:00pm):

16,5 hours remaining (8:00pm):
Lunch time, pizza party!

14,5 hours remaining (10:00pm):
We went for a walk to McDonalds, to take some burgers. On the way, we pass for the Rockstar Energy Spain Office to take some drinks for all Hackathon competitors. 

12 hours remaining (12:30am):
Nerf Gun battles began. The matches were made by 3 battles of 2 minuts each. The best of this 3 battles won that match!

10 hours remaining (2:30am):
We forgot we were here to code, not to conquer the world with NERF!

9 hours remaining (3:30am):
Happy hour! The organizers give us some super sugar food, to following coding!

7 hours remaining (5:30am):
We got the power, we got ROCKSTAR ENERGY! 

6 hours remaining (6:30am):
People began to fell sleep.

4 hours remaining (8:30am):
More people being sleep.

3 hours remaining (9:30am):
Breakfast time.

1 hour remaining (11:30am):
We were so tired, and we were not knowing what we were doing!

Hacking ends!

Finally the judges gone to see all projects. Every team needs to explain what they have done. The Judges, will choose the best 10 projects to explain it to all the competitors. Finally they choose the best 3. 
Further, every sponsor choose the best project done with their API (or they bases) to give them the sponsor prize!

The 1st place was for our friends that make a game called "penguin rush". They use a homemade hardware, using some light pushers to play the game! Absolutely awesome! Congrats!