dilluns, 9 de març de 2015

1nd race Championship karting Terrassa Spring 2015

First race of the Spring Season at the Gene Karting Terrassa. All began with a race briefing, explaining all the rules for the race. We were 13 racers, so the race chief decide to do 2 races. Every race getting the same points, so the both winners will got the same points on the general results.

The qualifying began, we got 5 min to do our best lap. Finally I qualify #5 for the pole.

The race Began, and on the green light I push the pedal to the metal. I saw a chance to take the 3rd place, so get it!

The following laps I was focused on containing the racers behind me, but it was impossible and at the 5th lap C.Manzano passes me. On the next turn, Alonso get his change to pass me too. 
The rest of the race was trying to close the gap with the Alonso and Canario. They were battleing for the 3rd place all the race.

Finally I got the 5th position from 6 racers, but so happy to began racing at the championship.

The podium for my race was:
#1 Didimo 
#2 C.Manzano
#3 Canario