dimarts, 3 de juny de 2014

Tannus, full rubber tire

This is my dream tire. A full block of rubber, without air camera, impossible to get a flat tire... You only need to change it, when you are riding with your rim wheel.

First of all, we need to mount it on the wheels. Mounting system is a bit difficult, because we must anchor some sticks to the wheel. It took to us 2 hours to mount it to my wheel. 

Then is time to try it with some skids & a little ride.

10min later, the tire was like this. I only made like 15-20 skid of all type (wiht different weight distribution: on the front of the bike, to get less grip; on the rear of the bike with lot of grip....). I used a 46-15, with 15 skid patch. So this was the result:

In real, is a really good tire. But if you want to skid, this is not your tire. 
This tire is perfect for road cycling, and "no fixed" urban bike. You can jump curbs, and you will never get a flat tire. 

Thnks to Barceloneta Bikes to let mi the test of this tire! 

As soon as possible there will be a video of how I sred this tire!