dimecres, 6 d’abril de 2016

Slalom Bajo Gallego Zuera 2016

Last weekend was the Slalom Bajo Gallego at the Zuera International Circuit (Karting) on the Aragón Slalom Championship (Campeonato de Slalom de Aragón).

Racing with Castells Racing Team and driving the Ford Focus ST I got the 3rd place on my category!

I was racing on this awesome Ford Focus ST with 175hp, from the Castells Racing Team. I was sharing the car with my teammate Roger Castells Codina, an awesome racer and friend! On Slalom races you can share car until 3 racers.

The slalom was based on the Zuera International Circuit, but we got some cone that we got to overcome. It was an important fact that we got to leave the green cones on the left and the orange ones on the right.

After the briefing, we know how the race was going to be. We will got 3 rounds:
Training rounds: 1
Qualifying rounds: 2

I've never been driving that car, so my training round was my first test on it!

After trying the track, we were ready to race! Was driving time for my teammate Roger Castells Codina!

Every time we swap driver, we got to change the number.

After every round, my times were being better!

My last round was awesome! And I finally get the 3rd place on my category!

1st: Sergio Sebastián
2nd: David Serrano
3rd: Guillem Serna

This race was awesome, and we're ready for the next race!