dilluns, 5 de gener de 2015

Cyclocross Santa Coloma de Farners

Last Sunday was the last race of the Catalonian Cyclocross Championship (Copa Catalana de Ciclocross) on Santa Coloma de Farners, near Girona. It was my first race on the 2015 calendar, and I was ready to burn it up!

The day was cold, but sunny. I was trying the circuit, and I saw a river cross part! I love river crossings and I began to try and try till I get the feet super cold! The river has 2 parts and we cross it 2 times, so we had to cross it 4 times. 

The race began, and the circuit was awesome! On the first 50m after the start we got a 180º turn followed by a region covered by leafs and roots. Then was a part full of leafs with lot of turns and little hills someones with barriers. 

At the final of this section we had a 150m sand part followed by the river!

The first river cross was impossible to cross on bike, because it has a mud wall at the final of the part, and the second part has a sand wall followed by 3 barriers. 

Then we got a tilted zone with turns and downhills over mud and grass!

The second time we cross it, we come from a little downhill before a sand section to the river but you can get enough speed to cross the first part of the river. The second part was more technical, arriving from the first part we ride a wet sand section followed by a long river cross, and after that we had a long riverside sand; only some racers were doing it!

It was an awesome race on a awesome place! We got lot of fun on it!

We end the season lunching all together before the overall awards. 

Finally I get the 4th position overall (on my category) being the only one on a Single Speed Cyclocross Bike!

Sub 23 overall
 Aitor Gimenez- Morenito
 Albert Poblet- Bicis Esteve
 Gerard Alvarez- Tomas Belles
Guillem Serna- Pista BCN

See u next season and get dirty!

Photos by: Follow Films and Francisco Vernet