dimecres, 29 d’octubre de 2014

Cyclocross Milpins Les Franqueses del Vallès

Last sunday was the Cyclocross race on MilPins on Les Franqueses Del Vallès, near Granollers. This race was more technical than the last one. It had some hills on a little river.

The race began so fast, but so close there was a hill like a bottleneck. Some ones take it fast and all the race group just was separated. 

This race has 2 barrier zones, and 2 hills impossible to make with the bike. The hills where the most difficult part.

Before the last lap I noticed that something wrong was happening on my rear wheel. I stop on the Pits and I saw that all the air chamber was blocking the gear. One guy just help me to extract every piece of rubber and I begin doing my last lap. #AINTCARE

Last lap was crazy, the rear wheel was drifting on every corner, had to pass all obstacles running and I arrive running to the finish line. It was my worst lap on the race, but I am very proud that I arrive to the finish line!

This is how I left the bike, but it's gonna be ready for the next race!