dissabte, 4 de gener de 2014

MBP Alleycat 5º Aniversario

MyBeautiful Parking meets 5 years, and they always make it bigger! Last year alleycat was amazing, but it was a little dangerous, because the Christmas eve was comin' and all was full of cars. So this year, MBP innovated with a new kind of alley cat, a Draw Alleycat. Consist draw your best drawing in the map of barcelona with enregistrador gps device (Strava, Endomondo, sign up here ...).

The only rules were:
We only had one hour and a half to finish the drawing (departing and arriving at the store MBP).
A gps route meant a picture (could not complete drawings with other routes gps).
It could turn on the gps at the time we wanted.
All types of bikes allowed.
Parts can be made on foot or into buildings.
We had a week to start thinking about the drawing.
Make minimum 15km.

The alleycat started and we all went very fast. My draw was a little difficult, so I was very focused during the race. I began on Gran Via, and I went around from end to end of the city, crossing my twice with a demonstration, drawing somewhere improvising for lack of time.

This was my final draw, a Nissan Skyline R34, doing 32,9Km and winning the larger draw prize.
Other prizes and my favorites:

And the amazing prize: Personalizable adidas, Pedaleaorevienta shirt and Fuck cars socks!

Thanks MBP! I'm ready for the next Alleycat!