dimarts, 10 de desembre de 2013

One day with Pista BCN on preseason

First, we make the regular warm up, and then we make  specific exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Then we go to the track and the fun begins. First some specific warm up, doing what everyone wants; but usually by relay and increasing the speed at every lap.

Next, our coachs Jaume Mas and Vicente Catalan tell us what to do. This month is preseason, and we are training loose. So we are making series to prepare the season.

The first exercicise was to catch the other team. We make two teams, and then we roll by the blue line. When Vicente blows the whistle the first of the group has to do a sprint i catch the other group.

The last series we did were to train the start from standstill. We move on group too riding on the blue line, and when Vicente blows the whistle, the first of each group goes to the goal line very slow, so when he blows the whistle agian; we have to turn on and make a 250m sprint to catch the other group.

Pista BCN, live every saturday at 10:00 on the Velodrom Horta! Come and see our trainings! We are training for this season! 

Photos by JJ Vico